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Decimal Machins in Sets - NVI's, D Heads, all Machins etc. / Decimal Machins In Sets And Units

Imperf Edge/edges

48 Values

NVI First Series

Non-elliptical. 10 Values. 2nd class is light blue / 1st class is black.

NVI First series (Spec)

As above / 22 values / Specialised set.

NVI 2nd series

Non-elliptical. 8 values. 2nd class is deep blue / 1st class is orange.

NVI second series (spec)

As above / Specialised set. 13 values.

Double Heads

5 stamps (1990)

Double Heads

Basic varieties, 16 values.

Double Heads (spec)

Specialised set of 32 stamps, including SG 2133, 2955 & 2956.


Complete set of 13 stamps, Definitives and Commemoratives.

Underprints (Defs)

Definitives only - 8 stamps.

Underprints (Commems)

Commemorative set of 5 stamps.

x841 to x922

97 values / Harrison / Phosphor bands.

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